Art + Carbon neutral shipping 

We’re committed to having a lighter footprint with initiatives like eco-friendly packaging and carbon neutral shipping. We offset 100% of the carbon emissions for every delivery of TrippyStore stuff. 

How it works.. You order the art and decor you love and we invest in carbon offset programs. Art for you and a better tomorrow for all of us. Win-win.
Your purchase directly contributes to companies that are improving the environment through a mix of nature-based and tech-based processes. Learn more about it below:

Helping forests and farmland  Healthy forests

Mast Reforestation

Mast Reforestation reforests land affected by wildfires by combining proven practices with new technology to replenish forests and reduce loss due to climate change. Read more about Mast Reforestation here.
Grassroots Carbon

Grassroots Carbon uses a carbon credit approach that helps ranchers modify land management practices to improve soil and ecological health, which captures and stores more carbon in soil. Turning our farms into a force for regeneration and renewal, nature-based soil carbon storage is measured and independently certified. Read more about Grassroots Carbon here.

Clean oceans  Clean oceans

Running Tide
Running Tide grows kelp and sinks it to the bottom of the ocean where the CO₂ is stored for the long term. By rebalancing the carbon cycle and mapping ocean health, Running Tide works to amplify the natural restorative power of the world’s oceans. Read more about Running Tide here


Air to breathe  Clean air


Climeworks’ gold-standard Direct Air Capture technology removes CO₂ from the air, after which it is destined for permanent storage underground through innovative sequestration technologies. Read more about Climeworks here.